Saturday, April 24, 2010

Support our Troops!

   Well, my brother is back from Iraq. We are so glad to have him home. My mom commented that because he had come home twice during his 10 months and did alot of video chat, it didn't really seem like he was gone for long. I do agree with this, but it is still nice to know he is no longer in a battle zone and is back taking care of all those lovely life issues here at home. He is indeed VERY glad to be home and in familiar territory with friends and family.

   It is so amazing to see God's working in the people's lives around you and all the things in one's own life too! I have some friends preparing for missions in Uganda. They are a family of 8 and have been so encouraged by what God is doing in their lives and how He is providing for each and every thing at just the right time. They just found a buyer for their house, they have been trying to sell it for a couple of years now. It is wonderful to see all of God's wonderful blessings and see people talk about the peace God has given them with the direction they are going and the steps they feel God leading them to take in their life.
  God has been taking my family through alot of trials lately, but we all are encouraged that He gives us no more than we are able to handle and that through these fires He is refining and strengthening us! What a blessing! Even though it is hard, the outcome is what we look forward to.
  God bless to all!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Officially A "Responsible Adult"


Okay, so alot has been happening in the last month. I have moved and pretty well settled here in Battle Ground, WA.  I started renting a storage unit here to store any of my "excess" stuff. I bought my first car...doesn't seem much different though because it is the same car I've been driving for over two years now. Yesterday I went and purchased auto insurance for the car and am rather pleased with what I got! :-)  I've gotten to know my Aunt and Uncle living in Vancouver better. (alot of fun knowing them more). I had the worst Crohns "flare-up" I've ever had in the 2-3 years I've been diagnosed. It lasted a total of 7 days. Not at all fun and, God willing, I will be able to avoid such an attack in the future. I was given my first fishing rod and hope to go fishing in the near future, but have yet experience the pleasure with my own pole :-D  I got to visit my best friend in Salem on my way back to BG on Wednesday. We got talking and before I knew it I was 30+mins overdue to head up to BG. We went out to the car and were saying our good-byes when her husband pulled in from being at work and so I got to say good-bye to him too and then vamoosed :-P I was so glad to see and spend time with them though! What a blessing it was to see their wonderfully happy faces! God has blessed me so much with my wonderful friends and family. How thankful I am for them all!!!