Monday, October 20, 2008

Missions Week!

This week is gonna be awesome! This morning we woke up and found that the power and the water had been shut off to give us a better idea of missionary work and things that sometimes happen. They have determined to go ahead and put the power back on so that we don't burn down the building with our candles, but the water will continue to be off; probably until the end of the week. LoL...Most of us are really enjoying this, while others are completely grossed out :). We are also eating more simply, no silverware. We ate oatmeal and bread for breakfast(no coffee), lunch we had rice with black good...and for dinner we are having a Moroccan stew and some Indian flatbread! We are all having such a great time! I can't wait to see what else they have in store for us!
Unitl next time,

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Pranks are Awesome!

Okay, if anyone doesn't like or appreciate pranks then you might as well stop reading here. I am currently living in a dorm with 6 guys and 9 girls. They guys live on one side and have their own bathroom and the girls on the other with community lounging quarters in between. Okay we have had a problem with the sewer backing up and last Thursday it did it again. Three of the guys got a bright idea that this was the perfect time to get us girls back for some pranks we played on them. Shortly after our small groups ended the guys realized that there were no girls around and put some sardines and shaving cream in ziploc bags and planted them and the empty sardine can in our bathroom. Today, Sunday they told us that they did it...only after much digging and prying, and cleaning. The one part of the prank we did hadn't discovered was the empty sardine can in the bottom of our garbage can...underneath the garbage sack. LOL. Some of the girls did not appreciate this prank whatsoever, while the rest of us thought it to be quite brilliant and are already planning our are the guys...hehe. Well, that's all for now!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

A New Chapter in My Life

Hello People!
First blog ever here. Ummm...well I am currently entering week 7 or 8 of my Life's new adventure. I am currently attending a Christian sabbatical school in Tieton, WA. This school, Antioch Christian Training School, is four months long. We have been here for 2 months next Sunday and will be leaving for Outreach in San Miguel, Mexico in 3 or 4 weeks. I have met so many great and wonderful people here and want to move up here when this is all done and over. I am currently praying that God would show me what to do and how it will all work out. I tend to be a detailed and fairly organized person when it comes to most things and this is one area I would like to be organized, but I want to trust God and I know that He will show me what He wants to when He wants to...well, bye for now friends. I'll try to write again soon.