Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Season of Love....Christmas is here!


Listening to Christmas music almost ALL the time...Christmas decorating complete....sister arriving home in 2+ hours....presents wrapped...bedroom clean...well, the last isn't done quite yet... xP

Turning on the Christmas music each year there is one album I'm always excited to listen to and never get tired of. This album is titled "THe Season of Love" by 4Him...I grew up listening to the CD and have always loved it. In the last few years I have grown even more fond of it was I grow evermore aware of the meaning of Christmas...not just a time to gather as a family and bless others with thoughtful gifts, but to dwell on Christ's birth and spread that joy it brings to us to those around us.

I now have 3 clients with my Home Care work! I'm so excited to see how God has been providing in my and my family's lives this past year! God is soo faithful to ways that are hardly noticed sometimes. He has answered our prayers in ways I'd not imagined and at times not exactly how we wanted them answered, but nevertheless according to His will. 

So many lessons to learn and it seems like I have to learn them over and over and over again. Other things I didn't think seemed so important to understand God keeps bringing up and hammering into my small, inadequate mind. I'm continually in awe of how He works and know that no matter how inconsequential I think something may be God might have such wonderful ideas for them...

Last week I had a really good conversation with a friend of mine and after some updates and lite chat he asked some deeper questions and was able to give me some really wonderful encouragement that I was really needing to hear. God has truly blessed me with some wonderful friends and family that continually are blessing me. 

Praise be to God this Christmas season and the whole year through!!!

Merry Christmas and God bless dear friends!    

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

and so life continues...

  Well, life has continued on unabated. My life has been rather hectic and chaotic. I'm still working fulltime as a secretary, I now have three clients in Home Care and am in the process of filling out the paperwork to be a sub for a third client. I'm really excited to have the blessing of such a wonderful ministry. My only clients at this point are Christians, but I am grateful for that because I feel like part of my ministry is being able to bring comfort to the saints. The worked so tirelessly for God for so many years and now it is someone elses turn to minister to them :-)
  Thanksgiving is tomorrow. My brother was home from Iraq for two weeks last month and my sister came down from WA so that we could have an early Thanksgiving with the majority of the family. We went to dinner with my Grandma S last weekend and we'll take my Grandma D out tomorrow and then have pie and games at our house that evening for any of the family that wants to hang out. Christmas is also going to be pretty simple. We will have dinner and games and some presents for the grandkids. I'll be most happy when my wonderful sister gets home though. I never realized how much I'd miss her being gone for four months. At first it wasn't so bad because I got to see her once a month for the first three months, but now it has been about three weeks since I saw her last and there are another four weeks left for her and she is in Mexico now so I can't just drive 5 hours to see her or call her on the phone. She does text me for about 5 minutes each week...and let me tell you, it is definitely a highlight for my week! I always wish it could be longer, but I'm just glad to get to chat for a little bit. :-D
  Christmas music has been playing in my car speakers for about a week now and today I decorated my office with Christmas decorations so that it will be all festive when we arrive back to work after Thanksgiving.  I have no idea why I'm in such a festive mood so early in the season, but I'm enjoying it :-P
  Happy Holidays all!!!!

Friday, November 6, 2009

...and Winter Begins....

We had our first winter storm last night and it looks as though we might hav another tonight. I think the storms are one of my favorite parts about winter because you get to cozy up next to the fire with a blanket, mug of hot cider, and either a good book or a Hallmark movie :) The smell of Pine needles, burning fires, cinnamon drenched pinecones and burning candles. The coziest time of year, and if we are "lucky" enough it floods or snows so bad that we are "trapped" and unable to go to work or school...just able to stay at home and do your best to stay warm.
This happened last year when the electricity went out for a whole week! Thankfully we had a generator to connect our necessities up to, like the fridgerator, and fan for the pellet stove, a few lights for at night and occasionally switch it so that people could take a shower with warm water :D....I know, I know...not at all "roughing it" or "sticking it out", but we had fun kids I remember wanting the electricity to go out so we could light the kerosene lamps and candles and search for the flashlights only to have the batteries die as you head up the stairs to bed. Last winter the thrill was over after the first 24 hours and then we were wanting something warm to eat and drink....a week wasn't a whole lot of fun...especially when we still couldn't even go to work because of the electrical outage all up and down the coast. It is amazing how much work doesn't get done in a It helped that everyone in the coast was out and not just us, because then they were in the same boat...but I'm afraid anyone that didn't know the entire coast was without electricity was pretty miffed when they continually called our office and we didn't call or return their calls. Thankfully our cell phones worked so at least we were able to field some calls that way. I sometimes wonder what we did that week...all i really remember is watching the news on TV...yes, we hooked it up to the generator to watch the news...and i remember being so happy to be able to get a warm shower....everyone sitting in the living room trying to keep warm and others keeping to their bed for fear of leaving its warmth :P
I will still be very excited if the electricity once again goes out this year, I do hope and pray it will not be for a week...
My sister leaves for Mexico next week...I will miss her sorely...we've been texting eachother alot so I will really miss that. I got to go see her last weekend and spent some time with her...I really liked that.
I think God is really trying to show me the many areas I'm lacking in my Daily walk with Him...some pills are just plain hard to swallow...prayers friends!
God Bless,

Thursday, September 24, 2009

And Fall Is Finally Here....


I never really thought I'd see the day when I'd say this, but I'm so glad summer is over and autumn has finally begun! The craziness is gone and time for some much needed R&R is here! :D

I feel rather sad that I keep forgetting about this blog here...I update my blog on somewhat regularly, I write e-mail updates occasionally and all the while think that I've updated everyone here too, but alas I check and NO! I haven't updated in quite a little while and there is so much to tell! ah well, here it goes :)

So, lets see....I went to the reception in WA and not the wedding in health ended up dictating me to not take such a streneous trip so I stuck with the 5 hour drive with my friend and had a VERY delightful weekend! I got to see/hang out with many friends I hadn't seen in about 8 months and met some new people. It rained most of the time and I began to wonder how it was gonna be driving throught Seattle during a rain storm, but when it came time to drive home God granted us some very nice weather!
The following weekend I got a "spur of the moment" text from my best friends older sister asking if I wanted to go Square dancing with her on Saturday night and then go to church with them on Sunday. After talking with my parents I was able to leave at about 2 or 3pm...after I did ALL of my chores of course, on Saturday and had a great time learning to square dance! We had such a great time and then watched a nice little movie before going to bed :D The next morning I went with their parents to breakfast and had a very enlightening chat about our beliefs and such and then we went to church, where I surprised my best friend, by being there, when she arrived with her hubby. I spent a lovely afternoon with all of them and then headed home.
During the previous week I found out that the Resident Manager job for an Adult Foster Home I was looking at filling "fell through"...and with my parents putting their house up for sale, my job not 100% secure with the economy the way it is, I feel very unsettled. A friend of mine that just moved to Yakima from Caseville will be looking for a new roommate(s) in the next few months so I've been praying about the possibility of moving there. I really would love to move up there, but for some reason every opportunity in the past that has arisen God has somehow closed the door. The biggest thing holding me back is a car and money...I have some money saved up for a car, but not enough to get a good, dependable, long-lasting car...and when I do get a car I won't have enough money to move, unless by some miracle God provides a really great car for cheap...which I know He can do. I'm not a very patient person so again I think God is teaching me another lesson in patience and trust...I don't think I could ever learn those lessons enough.
This last weekend I went and visited my younger sister in Yakima, who is currently attending ACTS...the same place I was last fall. I was so happy to see her and spend time with her....she is growing and learning so much and becoming more of the woman of God I'd always knew she was! I miss her ever so dearly and never really knew how much she meant to me until I was living at home and she wasn't....sometimes it feels like part of me is missing. I had a great time for the few days I was there and we got to hang out alot. I got to meet all, but 1, of her ACTS group. Some I already was great to see her talking to people, walking around my stomping ground with so much ease and much of the timidity gone! It was so wonderful to see this new side of my dear sister. Thankfully I'll be going back in about a month to see a friend from my group that will be visiting from Texas so I'll get to see her again :D
During the last 24 hours of my stay in Yakima I visited the local Fred Meyer's and had my friend from Caseville dye my hair....yes, I know some of my friends will frown when they read this, some will jump for joy, and others will have a look of utter amazement on their faces, but it is my free choice(aside from the ten bucks i spent on the coloring) and it is not what I'd call least not as permanent as a tattoo, which after much consideration I don't think I'll ever get. It isn't a huge change...we dyed it a tad lighter brown and did a few darker lights...not real noticeable...the only person that has noticed and said anything about it was my mother...who thought it looked orange and has even said I look like a mother was never fond of people dying their hair....but they have always said that our hair is our own and we have to live with it. So no, I don't regret my decision. I might go for a tad darker shade next time...just so my mom doesn't say it is orange....i think it is more of a honey color...but she doesn't seem to agree...LOL
This past week two of my friends have procured of them being my Caseville friend in Yakima and the other a local friend who will be moving to Montana for his job :) He is the same person I was making my gun with...we haven't been working on those for quite a while now and we are both getting rather worried that they may never get done :( Tonight ECD in Mac is in the park, but I'm not sure I'll be going :/ I want to, but my neck has been "killing" me for the last month, my back is bothering me pretty good from all the cleaning and such I did last night, and I'm not feeling all that great on top of that! I really want to go though...dancing in the park is so much fun!
To those of you that actually read my silly blog and have made it all the way to the end of this entry, I thank you for taking the time, I congratulate you for persevering through such a mess of my brain, and I ask that you'll pray with me as I go through life seeking God's will for my life through all that He brings my way. God bless!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Summer isn't over Yet!


I've been to 3 weddings so far this summer and still have 1 more wedding and another reception! Both of which are on Labor day weekend!!! I'm hoping to get a friend of mine to go to them with me. The wedding is on Saturday morning in Idaho (10hour drive) and then after the wedding I'll drive to the place the reception is supposed to be in Washington(6hour drive from ID)...maybe pit-stop in Yaktown on the way. The reception is the afternoon and evening on Sunday and then I'll drive the 5 hours back home on Monday....I have a feeling I will be very exhausted after such a weekend. Alas, I really want to go to both so I have not other option...but if my friend can't go with me I don't know what I'll do cuz my parents won't let me go all the way to ID by myself :/ The one in WA wouldn't be a problem Dad isn't crazy about my traveling on that particular weekend, but knows God will protect me.
My besty's wedding went VERY well! She was the most gorgeous bride I've ever seen! And I'm not just being partial! It was so nice to be a bridesmaid and know what a privilage it was to be chosen as one of the few to witness the exchange of vows so closely and hear every precious those memories shall remain to me. The happy new couple even stopped by my house on their way to another of their honeymoon destinations on Monday night....such a wonderful surprise and blessing that was to me! It was such a wonderful thing to see them together and so perfectly happy together.
I was offered a possible job about a month ago by a friend of mine from church. He owns a rental house just down the road from where he and his family live. Some years ago he had been running an Adult Foster home from it and is considering starting it up again. The only difference being that he wouldn't be the only one running it like he had been last time. He said that the only way he could open it again is if he had someone else to help run it and live there as the Resident Manager. So he came to me asking if I would be interested in such a venture. I was pretty excited to get this invitation and after talking with my parents about the proposition they were a bit speculatous so I prayed about it and then went back to him and talked things over some more, asking more direct questions and getting some really detailed anwers. I was so pleased with the information he gave me and was excited to go home and relay all of the information to my parents. After telling my mom she became excited to, knowing that this is the field I feel the Lord calling me to, and after telling my dad about it he was still a bit iffy, but told me to pray about it and seek God's will. So I've been praying about it and really feel like this is what God wants me to do, I feel a wonderful peace about it and although I still have questions about different parts of the situation, they are pretty minor things that don't really make a whole lot of difference one way or the other. So now the only thing we are waiting on is finding out from the current tenants whether or not they will be moving out as it had been starting to look like they might, which prompted his thought of starting the Home again.
God had been showing me so many things! My sister left for the same school I went to last fall. I'm very excited for her and pray that God's will might be done in her life. She is an EXTREMELY shy person and doesn't like doing things she isn't comfortable with a certain extent they'll let her not do some things, but she is gonna have to really open up at some point! I'm gonna go see her next month and hopefully take a friend with me. I love it when people go with me so I don't have to drive all those lonely miles just listening to the radio and my CDs...although I have a few new ones so that'll be nice :D
Well, I hope ya'll have a splendid rest of the summer! God Bless, Kittydid

Thursday, June 25, 2009

WEDDINGS, Weddings, weddings....


Well, let's see what I've been up to... *peers into the memory bank* ....ah yes!

Of late I've been traveling alot, getting ready for weddings, attending weddings, and organizing a bridal shower for the end of next month! Sometimes there will be a couple days where i don't even see my sister for a few days at a time because I'm busy with work and whatever else I'm doing and she is working. She leaves before I get up, or she is sleeping when I leave, and then when I get off work I have meetings and other engagements that keep me from going home until she is already in sad to have to catch up with people you live with! :shock:

My best friend's wedding is in two months and we ordered our dresses last week! I've been making a rifle with a friend of mine....way more fun than I'd ever expected it could be! I went to some friend's wedding in WA last weekend and took a friend along and had such a lovely time! Sadly I'd forgotten my camera so I have no pix :( But I'll probably be heading up that direction again in another few months anyhow so I'll get some pix then :D

A friend from Michigan is moving to WA!!! I'm so excited to get to see her more often! I miss her very much! I got my first job as a HCW(Home Care Worker)!!! Even though it is just fill-in for now I am very excited to be working my first job and get some experience on my shoulders! Business isn't so good with the economy the way it is, so I've been looking for another fulltime job, but have yet to find something. Hopefully I can get my name out in the Home Care world and wont have to have a second job to work around. But I'm finding that no matter what I think or how much I stress over anything, God knows how everything is gonna work out and He reveals it in His own time!

Every couple weeks my sister and I drive over to Mac after work and go dancing (ECD) and then drive home. It is so much fun and we have made some really nice friends. Last week I was able to attend a friends church's family camp about 30 mins from my house and got to become reaquainted with some people I met about 7 years ago doing ECD. It was fun the see them all grown up, some married with children, and dance the old dances with them once again!

Because of all that has and continues to transpire I've been reminiscing alot, recalling wonderful memories from those carefree childhood years...I continue to find that growing up is not all it was cracked up to be. I'm not near so fond of it as I once was and am not at all keen on the independence and responsibility that comes with it. I truly believe that I am not at all ready for marriage or even a relationship at this point in my life....although I do not care for independence and the responsibilities associated with it I do enjoy being able to go and do what ever I want at any moment(within reason).

My best friend did not seem to excited to hear this when I first told her, but it is how I feel. I don't want to be selfish or anything, it's just that I'm not real sure I am ready for such an undertaking as that and am not yet ready for another broken heart...God will make me ready when the time comes I know...and that makes it not such a scary prospect for me. :)

Sorry this one is so long, but I guess that is what I get for not updating in so


BTW... we sold our horse, at long last, to a wonderful couple that we very happy to get a good horse to love and nurture...see I can't even take care of a horse, how could I take care of a husband?...i know, not a good comparison...

Monday, February 23, 2009

Sorry It's Been a While!

Sorry, for the few that actually read this, that I haven't posted any new blogs til now. I have not been lacking writing material by any means, but simply forgot which e-mail i use for signing on to this Well, i figured it out and i'm back on So since my last blog, my job has moved to fulltime...I am still going through the application process with DHS...the Orientation meeting went great! I already have someone that is interested in my services as soon as they can get their parents to agree to getting a little help around the house :D I'm really excited with all God's working in this all! I became a year older on the 20th of Feb! I joined a great homeschoolalumni forum site and got together with some of the group last saturday and went to the zoo and Powell's was great! While on our way back to the max from Powell's i was pickpocketed by a black (supposedly) homeless guy...thankfully he only got away with $8 cash, my driver's license, and my debit card (which we promptly got in touch with my bank and had the card blocked)...It all made for quite an exciting weekend! Next weekend we are gonna go ice skating...i'm pretty excited abou that! Then at some point i'm gonna head up to WA and see a friend from TX!!! so much fun! Katydid

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

So much little to talk about...

Well, much has happened since new years, but not much to speak of. I have my old job back PT...temporarily. I have applied to become a Care Provider with DHS and have and Orientation tomorrow morning. So basically I'm employeed. God has been so wonderful in supplying my needs in providing little jobs like babysitting and stuff. I'm really excited about the new job with DHS and being able to care for the elderly and be an encouragement to them. I went to my best friends house yesterday and got back this afternoon. We had a lovely talk and time together. I was so happy to have been able to spend so much time with her :D Her sisters are like sisters to me and we have so much fun together! We are so very close and are always there for eachother...something that is very dear to me. I went shooting guns with a friend of mine and had tons of fun. I went on a 10 mile walk on the beach with some other friends and was very sore. And have been on the net alot keeping up with OH!! and I got a cell phone of my own...with unlimited texting!!! so very exciting....i love it :D Until next time! Katydid

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all! This new years was no different than any other this year aside from receiving a lovely little text from a dear friend. This year, as always, I stayed up until the wee hours of the morning...we've done this as long as i can remember...staying up as long as possible and then sleeping in the next day. This year my parents stayed up with us playing games until about 12:30 and then they went off to I've made no New Year Resolution except to get a job as soon as I can. I am thoroughly excited though because my sister and I have made plans to go and see our best friends and their significant I am so happy because my best friend's fiance i have not yet met, but have talked to. I am excited to see what God has planned for this coming year. My dear sister got her license yesterday and has been having fun driving me around :) I will write again soon...when I have something to write :) Kittydid