Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Ultimate Update...


Well, That is what this is, "The Ultimat Update". I've put it off for so long because there has been so much going on, but now I shall fill you all in :-)
I'll start with January, the most trying month of them all. On January 4th, my second oldest brother, Michael James Davis passed away in his sleep of a MayoCardial Bridging of the Coronary Artery. We've all been checked since then, it is hereditary, and none of us appear to have it. We are at peace knowing he is with our Heavenly Father. No longer in pain, physically or emotionally. It happened very suddenly. He was a happy, vivacious, healthy young man of 27 years. We all miss him very dearly.

February started out slow as we were still dealing with the aftermath of my brother's death, but soon it was my younger sister's birthday and we had a quiet celebration between the four of us living at home. It seemed I was working my hind end off when all the sudden it was my birthday and we had another quiet celebration of my 20 years of existence. The rest of the month flew by without much happening. My best friend found out she is pregnant! Due in September...I'll be an Aunty all over again! We are all so happy and excited for her.

March has been the most interesting by far and has pivoted my life at a 90 degree angle. Everything I'd been wanting to do for so long, but hadn't been actively pursuing happened in a matter of only weeks. On February 21st my pastor's wife approached me after our Sunday School class and asked if I'd be interested in moving to Battle Ground, WA to be a live-in Care worker for a 94 year old Christian lady that used to attend the church. I said I was as I'd been wanting to ultimately be a live-in care worker since I began Caregiving, but had not yet found such a job. True I was working full time as a Secretary and had TWO part time Home Care clients, but I knew in my heart none of that mattered if God really wanted me to move to Washington to take care of this lady. I discussed the few details I knew with my parents that afternoon over lunch and knowing that this is what I'd been wanting, told me to pray about it and find out more details. The following Tuesday I got the information to call the people and learned that they were still interested in finding a caregiver and were excited to talk to me and see if it would work. That evening I called them and talked with the daughter, who is a nurse and lives next door to her mother. We talked about details and answered eachother's questions as best we could. We both pretty well knew by the end of the conversation that it was definitely going to work out just fine, but there were still some things that needed to be figured out and we both said we'd continue to pray about it.
I had planned a trip with my sister to Yakima that following weekend and decided to try to stop by and meet my prospective clients on the way home on Sunday. I made it there safe and sound and all week had been thinking about what this kind of change meant for me. I would have to quit the three stable jobs I had while still unsure if this prospective job was going to work out. After visiting with the mother and daughter and getting a tour of the lovely old house we determined that my employment was dependent on the agreement of terms of pay, which we were both going to investigate to figure out a reasonable rate for us both.
After talking to a friend in the Home Care business I figured out my asking price and e-mailed the daughter. I didn't hear back from her as we planned to meet at the hospital she worked at on Wednesday when my sister and I were there for our doctor appointments. She arrived a few minutes before my appointment and we confirmed a price and determined the date I'd be moving in. I'd given my two weeks notice to my boss and both my clients on Monday. I continued praying about it and half expected a door to slam shut and find myself completely jobless. In all this though I realized that for any of it to go forward I had to either turn and run scared or jump in feet first and put ALL my trust in God, not just lean on Him, but fully trust Him.  So I have 4 days left of my two weeks and 7 days until I move up to Battle Ground. So much has changed in such a short amount of time and I've made the quickest and most life-changing decision I've ever made in my entire life. I try to answer the questions people have presented the best I can, but some things are just hard to explain and others I just don't know the answers to yet. I'm very excited for this opportunity and glad that, being this is my first time moving away from home, it is so close to home. Come to find out I'll only be 20 minutes from my Aunt's house, so I'll get to see her more often! It is closer to my dear second family in Salem and surrounding area. An hour closer to my "home away from home"- Yakima. And closer to some of my HSA friends in the valley! How fun is that?!
Well, I suppose that is it for I will have more time on my hands I imagine my updates will become a bit more regular :D

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