Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Guns ~N~ Horses

Today was great! I got to go and see my horse...which i haven't done in over 4months. She is 4 years old so she still has her moods, but nevertheless we were able to ride and had a blast! Next I went to a friends house and shot was sooo much fun. We had planned to do it the day before, but it was too windy and wet. So today i got up and got on the net and he was online and shot me an IM inviting me to go today as the weather was perfect! So me and my sis headed on out there, after riding, at about 2pm and shot a Ruger 10/22 rifle, 9mm Star pistol, 2/23 rifle, and an M1 Grant 30cal....It was a blast...I haven't been shooting in over 4 years so this was great. I enjoyed it so much and am looking forward to someday getting one of my own :) Kittydid

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