Monday, February 23, 2009

Sorry It's Been a While!

Sorry, for the few that actually read this, that I haven't posted any new blogs til now. I have not been lacking writing material by any means, but simply forgot which e-mail i use for signing on to this Well, i figured it out and i'm back on So since my last blog, my job has moved to fulltime...I am still going through the application process with DHS...the Orientation meeting went great! I already have someone that is interested in my services as soon as they can get their parents to agree to getting a little help around the house :D I'm really excited with all God's working in this all! I became a year older on the 20th of Feb! I joined a great homeschoolalumni forum site and got together with some of the group last saturday and went to the zoo and Powell's was great! While on our way back to the max from Powell's i was pickpocketed by a black (supposedly) homeless guy...thankfully he only got away with $8 cash, my driver's license, and my debit card (which we promptly got in touch with my bank and had the card blocked)...It all made for quite an exciting weekend! Next weekend we are gonna go ice skating...i'm pretty excited abou that! Then at some point i'm gonna head up to WA and see a friend from TX!!! so much fun! Katydid

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