Thursday, June 25, 2009

WEDDINGS, Weddings, weddings....


Well, let's see what I've been up to... *peers into the memory bank* ....ah yes!

Of late I've been traveling alot, getting ready for weddings, attending weddings, and organizing a bridal shower for the end of next month! Sometimes there will be a couple days where i don't even see my sister for a few days at a time because I'm busy with work and whatever else I'm doing and she is working. She leaves before I get up, or she is sleeping when I leave, and then when I get off work I have meetings and other engagements that keep me from going home until she is already in sad to have to catch up with people you live with! :shock:

My best friend's wedding is in two months and we ordered our dresses last week! I've been making a rifle with a friend of mine....way more fun than I'd ever expected it could be! I went to some friend's wedding in WA last weekend and took a friend along and had such a lovely time! Sadly I'd forgotten my camera so I have no pix :( But I'll probably be heading up that direction again in another few months anyhow so I'll get some pix then :D

A friend from Michigan is moving to WA!!! I'm so excited to get to see her more often! I miss her very much! I got my first job as a HCW(Home Care Worker)!!! Even though it is just fill-in for now I am very excited to be working my first job and get some experience on my shoulders! Business isn't so good with the economy the way it is, so I've been looking for another fulltime job, but have yet to find something. Hopefully I can get my name out in the Home Care world and wont have to have a second job to work around. But I'm finding that no matter what I think or how much I stress over anything, God knows how everything is gonna work out and He reveals it in His own time!

Every couple weeks my sister and I drive over to Mac after work and go dancing (ECD) and then drive home. It is so much fun and we have made some really nice friends. Last week I was able to attend a friends church's family camp about 30 mins from my house and got to become reaquainted with some people I met about 7 years ago doing ECD. It was fun the see them all grown up, some married with children, and dance the old dances with them once again!

Because of all that has and continues to transpire I've been reminiscing alot, recalling wonderful memories from those carefree childhood years...I continue to find that growing up is not all it was cracked up to be. I'm not near so fond of it as I once was and am not at all keen on the independence and responsibility that comes with it. I truly believe that I am not at all ready for marriage or even a relationship at this point in my life....although I do not care for independence and the responsibilities associated with it I do enjoy being able to go and do what ever I want at any moment(within reason).

My best friend did not seem to excited to hear this when I first told her, but it is how I feel. I don't want to be selfish or anything, it's just that I'm not real sure I am ready for such an undertaking as that and am not yet ready for another broken heart...God will make me ready when the time comes I know...and that makes it not such a scary prospect for me. :)

Sorry this one is so long, but I guess that is what I get for not updating in so


BTW... we sold our horse, at long last, to a wonderful couple that we very happy to get a good horse to love and nurture...see I can't even take care of a horse, how could I take care of a husband?...i know, not a good comparison...

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