Friday, November 6, 2009

...and Winter Begins....

We had our first winter storm last night and it looks as though we might hav another tonight. I think the storms are one of my favorite parts about winter because you get to cozy up next to the fire with a blanket, mug of hot cider, and either a good book or a Hallmark movie :) The smell of Pine needles, burning fires, cinnamon drenched pinecones and burning candles. The coziest time of year, and if we are "lucky" enough it floods or snows so bad that we are "trapped" and unable to go to work or school...just able to stay at home and do your best to stay warm.
This happened last year when the electricity went out for a whole week! Thankfully we had a generator to connect our necessities up to, like the fridgerator, and fan for the pellet stove, a few lights for at night and occasionally switch it so that people could take a shower with warm water :D....I know, I know...not at all "roughing it" or "sticking it out", but we had fun kids I remember wanting the electricity to go out so we could light the kerosene lamps and candles and search for the flashlights only to have the batteries die as you head up the stairs to bed. Last winter the thrill was over after the first 24 hours and then we were wanting something warm to eat and drink....a week wasn't a whole lot of fun...especially when we still couldn't even go to work because of the electrical outage all up and down the coast. It is amazing how much work doesn't get done in a It helped that everyone in the coast was out and not just us, because then they were in the same boat...but I'm afraid anyone that didn't know the entire coast was without electricity was pretty miffed when they continually called our office and we didn't call or return their calls. Thankfully our cell phones worked so at least we were able to field some calls that way. I sometimes wonder what we did that week...all i really remember is watching the news on TV...yes, we hooked it up to the generator to watch the news...and i remember being so happy to be able to get a warm shower....everyone sitting in the living room trying to keep warm and others keeping to their bed for fear of leaving its warmth :P
I will still be very excited if the electricity once again goes out this year, I do hope and pray it will not be for a week...
My sister leaves for Mexico next week...I will miss her sorely...we've been texting eachother alot so I will really miss that. I got to go see her last weekend and spent some time with her...I really liked that.
I think God is really trying to show me the many areas I'm lacking in my Daily walk with Him...some pills are just plain hard to swallow...prayers friends!
God Bless,

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