Thursday, September 24, 2009

And Fall Is Finally Here....


I never really thought I'd see the day when I'd say this, but I'm so glad summer is over and autumn has finally begun! The craziness is gone and time for some much needed R&R is here! :D

I feel rather sad that I keep forgetting about this blog here...I update my blog on somewhat regularly, I write e-mail updates occasionally and all the while think that I've updated everyone here too, but alas I check and NO! I haven't updated in quite a little while and there is so much to tell! ah well, here it goes :)

So, lets see....I went to the reception in WA and not the wedding in health ended up dictating me to not take such a streneous trip so I stuck with the 5 hour drive with my friend and had a VERY delightful weekend! I got to see/hang out with many friends I hadn't seen in about 8 months and met some new people. It rained most of the time and I began to wonder how it was gonna be driving throught Seattle during a rain storm, but when it came time to drive home God granted us some very nice weather!
The following weekend I got a "spur of the moment" text from my best friends older sister asking if I wanted to go Square dancing with her on Saturday night and then go to church with them on Sunday. After talking with my parents I was able to leave at about 2 or 3pm...after I did ALL of my chores of course, on Saturday and had a great time learning to square dance! We had such a great time and then watched a nice little movie before going to bed :D The next morning I went with their parents to breakfast and had a very enlightening chat about our beliefs and such and then we went to church, where I surprised my best friend, by being there, when she arrived with her hubby. I spent a lovely afternoon with all of them and then headed home.
During the previous week I found out that the Resident Manager job for an Adult Foster Home I was looking at filling "fell through"...and with my parents putting their house up for sale, my job not 100% secure with the economy the way it is, I feel very unsettled. A friend of mine that just moved to Yakima from Caseville will be looking for a new roommate(s) in the next few months so I've been praying about the possibility of moving there. I really would love to move up there, but for some reason every opportunity in the past that has arisen God has somehow closed the door. The biggest thing holding me back is a car and money...I have some money saved up for a car, but not enough to get a good, dependable, long-lasting car...and when I do get a car I won't have enough money to move, unless by some miracle God provides a really great car for cheap...which I know He can do. I'm not a very patient person so again I think God is teaching me another lesson in patience and trust...I don't think I could ever learn those lessons enough.
This last weekend I went and visited my younger sister in Yakima, who is currently attending ACTS...the same place I was last fall. I was so happy to see her and spend time with her....she is growing and learning so much and becoming more of the woman of God I'd always knew she was! I miss her ever so dearly and never really knew how much she meant to me until I was living at home and she wasn't....sometimes it feels like part of me is missing. I had a great time for the few days I was there and we got to hang out alot. I got to meet all, but 1, of her ACTS group. Some I already was great to see her talking to people, walking around my stomping ground with so much ease and much of the timidity gone! It was so wonderful to see this new side of my dear sister. Thankfully I'll be going back in about a month to see a friend from my group that will be visiting from Texas so I'll get to see her again :D
During the last 24 hours of my stay in Yakima I visited the local Fred Meyer's and had my friend from Caseville dye my hair....yes, I know some of my friends will frown when they read this, some will jump for joy, and others will have a look of utter amazement on their faces, but it is my free choice(aside from the ten bucks i spent on the coloring) and it is not what I'd call least not as permanent as a tattoo, which after much consideration I don't think I'll ever get. It isn't a huge change...we dyed it a tad lighter brown and did a few darker lights...not real noticeable...the only person that has noticed and said anything about it was my mother...who thought it looked orange and has even said I look like a mother was never fond of people dying their hair....but they have always said that our hair is our own and we have to live with it. So no, I don't regret my decision. I might go for a tad darker shade next time...just so my mom doesn't say it is orange....i think it is more of a honey color...but she doesn't seem to agree...LOL
This past week two of my friends have procured of them being my Caseville friend in Yakima and the other a local friend who will be moving to Montana for his job :) He is the same person I was making my gun with...we haven't been working on those for quite a while now and we are both getting rather worried that they may never get done :( Tonight ECD in Mac is in the park, but I'm not sure I'll be going :/ I want to, but my neck has been "killing" me for the last month, my back is bothering me pretty good from all the cleaning and such I did last night, and I'm not feeling all that great on top of that! I really want to go though...dancing in the park is so much fun!
To those of you that actually read my silly blog and have made it all the way to the end of this entry, I thank you for taking the time, I congratulate you for persevering through such a mess of my brain, and I ask that you'll pray with me as I go through life seeking God's will for my life through all that He brings my way. God bless!

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