Monday, June 21, 2010

How Time Flies...

  Well, last weekend was Father's day. I drove to my parents Friday night and had some really good time with them. The next morning we chatted some more and my dad showed me the coffee machine my mom got him for Father's Day...such a cool little thing! Then my sister and I went roller blading for a little while...until I was tired, which didn't take long :P Next we played a little baseball in the field across from our mom pitched while my sister and I took turns batting and fetching the ball. After that we did your facebooking :P then we headed for the Y to help supervise my nephews pool party. We had  lots of fun. It is amazing how fast kids grow up! I remember when my nephew was just a little toddling around...and now he is 8 years old!!! How time flies! 
  After swimming my sister and I rushed back to my parents home where I got dressed and then she did my hair up in a rolled fashion, fairly common in the World War II era.  After getting a few pointers on Era appropriate make-up my sister snapped a few pictures and I was off to McMinnville for the ECD World War II Ball. I met my friend there and we had a lovely evening of talking and dancing.  Since moving to Washington I haven't been able to attend any of the dances due to my schedule with my new job, but thankfully I was able to arrange to attend this one! After the clock struck midnight(well, acutally only 9:30) and the last dance was over, I hopped in my carriage and was off again, back to my parents house and present day america :P
  It is amazing what happens in a day! On Father's day we went to church and my youngest brother and the family he lives with showed up too! After church we went to lunch and then hung out for a little while. I got to stay at my parents until the were getting ready to leave for evening church and then I headed back to Portland to do some shopping before I went back to work :) I am very much still enjoying my job, but it seems that the highlights to life anymore are the days I have off to spend with my friends and family. 
  I'm sort of excited for Independence Day as I will have the 4th and 5th off and possibly the 3rd as well....but the sad part is I don't have any plans to go anywhere yet...But I'm sure something will come up :D So many exciting things to look forward to.
  Recently I read a book called "Before You Meet Prince Charming" and was very encouraged and challenged with what I read.  It was just what I was needing to hear at that time and was glad to have gotten the recommendation to read it!

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