Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Time of Thanks Giving

Such a time God has given to us and wonderful blessings he has bestowed upon us! Sometimes we may not see even the little things, we are so blinded, but sometimes we see Him shinning in our lives, it is immistakable.

This past weekend I was able to "spead myself thin" and visit two places :D I had such a grand time! I played games with friends in Tilly on Friday night until almost 2am on Saturday morning and then we went shooting at 11am. Then my sister and I headed to Salem to meet some more friends and did a little shopping before going out to dinner and then dancing. We had such a lovely day together! After dancing we drove to Sweet Home and stayed at their house and I finally got to meet my dear little niece, Suzy, in person! She will be 2months old in a week or so! Such a cutie she is, so happy too!
This weekend, which will start today and stretch all the way until Sunday next, I don't have many plans...I hope to go finish up some college registration stuff tomorrow or Monday and have my last dental appointment on Monday. Then I'll head over to Tilly for the rest of my time off and Thanksgiving dinner with the family...oh, and I guess some Black Friday shopping and Christmas tree cutting on Saturday :D....I guess I do have a few plans :P
Happy Thanks Giving everyone!!! God Bless!

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