Friday, September 28, 2012

Spring Cleaning in Fall?


Hey Everyone!
  So sorry it has been so very long, I'll try not to make it a habit ;-) .  Life has been super busy as a newlywed. I'm working with Visiting Angels PDX as a Caregiver. My husband is finishing up school and job-hunting. I'm enrolled at PCC as a student and hope to start some PreReqs next term so that I can start their Medical Assisting Certificate program the following term. So far, it looks like I'll only need to take 3 classes before applying for the MAC program. I've applied for Financial Aid and it looks like I'll probably have most of it covered via a grant (Praise The Lord!). 
  After my wedding in March I was diagnosed with Small Intestine Bacteria Over-growth(SIBO). It is basically good bacteria over-growing into my small intestines because the natural nightly GI "flushing" stops working, leaving the good bacteria to over-grow it's purpose, therefore infecting my small intestine. The results and symptoms are very much like Crohn's Disease. My doctor and I believe that, since I tested positive for SIBO and the images taken a few years ago indicated Crohn's, my health stands at one of three doors: 1)I have Crohn's and SIBO(so once the SIBO is gone, I'll still have Crohn's)   2)I have Crohn's caused by SIBO(so the Crohn's would go away with the SIBO) -or-   3) I only have SIBO, which made it look like I had Crohn's(so once the SIBO is gone I'd be healthy and "normal" again w/o any symptoms of Crohn's or SIBO).  
  This may seem odd, overwhelming, or both but, for me it is welcome news. The big difference between SIBO and Crohn's is that, SIBO has a known cure, where Crohn's does not. At present I am taking the slow route to cure the SIBO, which entails a very restrictive, grain-free diet called SCD(Specific Carbohydrate Diet). This particular diet starves the bacteria over-growth in my intestines. I'll be on this diet for exactly one year past my last symptom. I still have occasional symptoms so I haven't been able to start the countdown, as of yet. At some point during this diet I will have to take a prescription that will give that GI "flushing" a kick in the pants to start doing it's job again. I have my three month check-up with my doc on Oct 1st, so we'll see how she thinks it's going then.
  Since starting this diet three months ago, I've learned a lot about cooking without certain things and what manufacturers seem to thing is necessary to put in so many different foods! I've decided recently that I want to keep everyone, on here and in my family, in the loop and give them easy access to things I can eat and simple recipes that I prepare. My goal in revamping this blog for that purpose is to make it easy for people to help me maintain this diet and to help educate those around me on it at the same time as I am learning.
  I hope this hasn't been too much of a bore, but I wanted to get everyone on the same page! Happy cooking and I'll be posting my first recipe soon!

God Bless,

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