Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Summer isn't over Yet!


I've been to 3 weddings so far this summer and still have 1 more wedding and another reception! Both of which are on Labor day weekend!!! I'm hoping to get a friend of mine to go to them with me. The wedding is on Saturday morning in Idaho (10hour drive) and then after the wedding I'll drive to the place the reception is supposed to be in Washington(6hour drive from ID)...maybe pit-stop in Yaktown on the way. The reception is the afternoon and evening on Sunday and then I'll drive the 5 hours back home on Monday....I have a feeling I will be very exhausted after such a weekend. Alas, I really want to go to both so I have not other option...but if my friend can't go with me I don't know what I'll do cuz my parents won't let me go all the way to ID by myself :/ The one in WA wouldn't be a problem Dad isn't crazy about my traveling on that particular weekend, but knows God will protect me.
My besty's wedding went VERY well! She was the most gorgeous bride I've ever seen! And I'm not just being partial! It was so nice to be a bridesmaid and know what a privilage it was to be chosen as one of the few to witness the exchange of vows so closely and hear every precious those memories shall remain to me. The happy new couple even stopped by my house on their way to another of their honeymoon destinations on Monday night....such a wonderful surprise and blessing that was to me! It was such a wonderful thing to see them together and so perfectly happy together.
I was offered a possible job about a month ago by a friend of mine from church. He owns a rental house just down the road from where he and his family live. Some years ago he had been running an Adult Foster home from it and is considering starting it up again. The only difference being that he wouldn't be the only one running it like he had been last time. He said that the only way he could open it again is if he had someone else to help run it and live there as the Resident Manager. So he came to me asking if I would be interested in such a venture. I was pretty excited to get this invitation and after talking with my parents about the proposition they were a bit speculatous so I prayed about it and then went back to him and talked things over some more, asking more direct questions and getting some really detailed anwers. I was so pleased with the information he gave me and was excited to go home and relay all of the information to my parents. After telling my mom she became excited to, knowing that this is the field I feel the Lord calling me to, and after telling my dad about it he was still a bit iffy, but told me to pray about it and seek God's will. So I've been praying about it and really feel like this is what God wants me to do, I feel a wonderful peace about it and although I still have questions about different parts of the situation, they are pretty minor things that don't really make a whole lot of difference one way or the other. So now the only thing we are waiting on is finding out from the current tenants whether or not they will be moving out as it had been starting to look like they might, which prompted his thought of starting the Home again.
God had been showing me so many things! My sister left for the same school I went to last fall. I'm very excited for her and pray that God's will might be done in her life. She is an EXTREMELY shy person and doesn't like doing things she isn't comfortable with a certain extent they'll let her not do some things, but she is gonna have to really open up at some point! I'm gonna go see her next month and hopefully take a friend with me. I love it when people go with me so I don't have to drive all those lonely miles just listening to the radio and my CDs...although I have a few new ones so that'll be nice :D
Well, I hope ya'll have a splendid rest of the summer! God Bless, Kittydid

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