Monday, September 13, 2010

Was it Fatal?

I thought I'd share with ya'll this funny newspaper clipping that my 95 year old client had in one of her books. So funny! Enjoy! :-D

Was It Fatal?
A woman is said to have asker her husband to take down the recipe being given on the radio on morning. The husband did his best but got two stations at once. One was broadcasting exercises and the other the recipe. This is what he got:
Hands on hips, place one cup of flour on shoulders. Raise knees and depress toes and wash thoroughly in one-half cup milk. In four counts raise the lower legs and mash two hard-boiled eggs in a sieve. Repeat six times in one cup of flour; breathe naturally and bend white of egg backward and forward over head. In four counts make a stiff dough that will stretch at waist. Lie on the walnut, hop to a standstill in boiling water, but do not boil into a gallop. In ten minutes remove from fire and dry with towel, breathe naturally, dress in warm flannel and serve with fish soup.

(clipping from a 1962 newspaper)

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