Thursday, October 7, 2010


I'm rather unsure of what to post about...
  Things have been rather crazy for me the last couple weeks and yet very enjoyable. I was granted almost a complete week off last week, that enabled me to visit my parents for more than a day and also help my best friends parents and sisters move to their new house. We had so much fun just being together and waiting for my best friend to have her baby. We had one false alarm, but our new niece graced us with her presence on September 30th @ 7:23pm! She is such a cute little lady and looks very much like her beautiful mother. Sadly I have yet to get to see her in person, but I hope to relatively soon :)
We are all so very glad to finally have her here with us and love her very dearly already. 
  Fall truly feels like it is here with the cool, crisp sunny mornings and chilly evenings...I love having the fire going and reading a good book. I've done a pot or two of Spice Hot Apple Cider...another thing that gives fall that extra kick...I'm thinking I'll need to start digging out my sweaters here real soon as my regular T-shirts and hoodies don't work so well when I'm out and about... :-P Two of my close friends have recently been engaged! It is so exciting to see each of my friends and family's lives progress and the happiness in their eyes as another chapter in their life unfolds. What a joy to see so many happy things. 
  My parents recently took my Grandma to see her son up in Seattle area and on their way back to the coast took a slight detour through Yakima, Leavenworth, and surrounding areas. They had such a lovely time and I had fun hearing about it from my mother. Such blessings God gives us to be able to take these little trips once in a while. I'm hoping to make it up to Yakima by the end of the month, but I'm not sure if I'll make it. 
  Lately I've started exercising regularly, which is quite a foreign thing for me, and am trying to be more healthy in my daily choices. So far it has been very good for me and because of that I am determined to keep it up! Well, that is all for now...I shall try to write again before long :P

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