Thursday, August 5, 2010

Day 18: A Time When I Felt Passionate And Alive

Hmm...I was full of life as a kid, but I think the one time in my life I was most passionate and alive was the few months I was at Antioch Christian Training School(ACTS) in Tieton, WA. It was an amazing experience for me and life changing, in as much as my life when in a different direction than I had planned, but I learned to see/find what God wanted me to do and follow His path for me. I learned to let go, not be so uptight and wanting to control everything. I learned to rely on Him and trust Him. I learned patience, but continue to work on that one as many I know struggle with it. I became who I am today, because I was able to take the time to go to this really cool sabbatical school to grow closer to my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ! Not to say everyone needs to or even should do this, but it is definitely something the Lord wanted me to go through and something I needed to do. Trust me, I fought going. I was supposed to go to college for a few years and become an accountant. But my parents and a few friends encouraged me to go to this school to get a good solid foundation before heading off to college. I thought it was a good idea, but then I looked at the cost of going and knowing I wouldn't be working and saving money at that time for college, meant I would be putting off college a little longer, and I wasn't sure I wanted to do that. But God got a hold of me and somehow showed me that even with putting off college, that is where he wanted me. At the end of the four months there I was a stronger Christian and knew what I stood for. I also had a complete redirection in my career choice. I realized that God didn't want me to be an accountant(I'd chosen this profession for a few misguided reasons), but instead showed me that I had a caring heart for the elderly and handicapped. I was so thrilled to finally have peace and comfort in knowing where I was headed.
I returned home and went back to my old job as a secretary and eventually took on two part-time Home Care clients and then one day God opened the door I'd been waiting for. He brought me the opportunity to be a 24-hour Live-in Caregiver to a 94 year old Christian gal, that had grown up where I went to church and had moved to Washington to live with her daughter, who was a nurse at a hospital. All this change happened because I was given the opportunity to take some time to grow in the Lord and listen to Him. So that is why I think that the most passionate and alive time in my life was those few months at ACTS. :-)

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