Friday, August 13, 2010

Day 26: A Childhood Memory

I have many fond memories of my childhood and some not so good, but I prefer the good ones. :-P
I grew up in a small little coastal town just off of the highway. We lived at the bottom of a hill by the little airport and next to a big field where they had cows and horses. The neighbors that lived on the hill had two daughters that we played with along with some other children down the street. Many of my memories are filled with those friends and the Pop Shop. The Pop Shop was a big metal structure where a bunch of old soda-pop machines were stored and worked on. We knew the people that ran the place so we played with the sheets of fiberglass that they decorate the fronts with and played hide-n-seek in the machines and just had lots of fun with the old place. We would ride our bikes down the hill and into the parking lot and build jumps to go off of there. We just had lots of fun being kids!

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