Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Day 28: A Scar I Have And It's Story

Well, the majority of the scars I've had are long since faded, but I do have one in particular that, although faded, will always be visible AND just happens to have a story to go along with it.
About 3 or 4 years ago is when it happened. My sister and I had a horse that we trained. We got her when she was 1-1/2 years old and did all of her training until she was 3 years old and we were able to ride her and train her in that way. It was lots of fun and an experience I'll never forget. Sometimes I wish that the scar was some battle wound from training her, but sadly it doesn't have such an impressive story. My sister and I had been dropped off at the barn by my parents and we were getting ready to clean the stall and work with her that day. I had her in her halter and she was tied up near her feed so I could clean her hooves. As I approached her, she decided to be a bit obnoxious and attempted to bite me. I promptly reacted to this action by smacking her under her mouth in a way that made her mouth shut abruptly and in an unpleasant way for her. However, instead of hitting her mouth I got the chink on her halter instead and after successfully disciplining our horse, I realized that I was in a LOT of pain. The side of my hand that had hit the chink felt as though it was gaping wide open. My eyes probably got real big as I quickly exited the horses stall and asked my sister to grab a towel or something as I was bleeding quite a bit. At that point we had to decided what to do. We decided that I was in too much pain to stick around so we called my parents and they came to get us. After hanging up and calming down, while we waited for my parents to arrive I decided to try and assess what had happened to my hand. I pulled away the towel and looked at the wound as best I could. I had a gouge that ran from my small finger knuckle to my wrist on my left hand. There was still a flap of skin that I was able to move over about half of the wound and then replaced the paper towel. The scar took about 2 weeks to completely heal, but today it just looks like I messed up my hand on something and isn't real noticeable anymore as it has turned white with my skin, but when my hands are really cold you notice it a bit more. :-P So that is the story of my scar.

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