Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Off to save the World...

...well, not exactly.
  This time tomorrow my sister, our friend Saul, and myself will be sitting in Sea-Tac Airport waiting for our boarding call for our 10:55 flight to Atlanta then wait about an hour for our connecting flight to Flint, MI...where we will be meeting a friend of ours to spend the week. We get to help celebrate her 21st birthday on Saturday and hopefully get to see some of our other friends in the area! We are so excited and I just hope that everything has been thought of and figured out so that all of the travel plans go smoothly. I've never purchased airline tickets in my life before and was glad I was able to get so many helpful tips from friends and get such a great deal on them. I've done little in state flying. In fact all of my flight experience has been International. When I went to Japan in 2007 I flew from PDX to SFO to Tokyo to Aso to Kyoto to SFO to PDX...then when I went to Mexico in 2008 it only consisted of SEA to Houston to Mexico City to Houston to SEA...that's it. THis time I'll be flying from SEA to ATL to Flint to ATL to SEA...LOL...if anyone was able to decipher that, I'm impressed. :-P 
  I'm all packed, my car is cleaned out (I'll be leaving it at the airport) and I THINK I have all the paperwork in order and ready to go...I get off around 2pm father should be dropping off my sister around that time and then we will run a few errands before we head up North. So very excited to see so many friends we haven't seen in what seems like a VERY long time! Will write again when I get back and hopefully have some pictures and fun tales to tell :-D GO SPARTANS!
God Bless!

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